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Delights of Garretstown, Near Kinsale, Co. Cork 28.03.2016

Saturday, April 9th, 2016

Foraging walk with Kevin of ‘Forage and Find’- mix of sea and land – here’s just a small flavour of what we saw. Kevin has lots more walks planned for the summer months.



Nori or Laver – essential in sushi

Channel Wrack – in the middle of photo – dark with channelled stem. Nice taste (most palatable of all wracks) – in our picnic salad. Also good in stir fries. Full of selenium and vitamin C.


Rock Samphire – pleasant hot and spicy taste

Rock Samphire


Sea lettuce – rich source of iron and almost always eaten raw. Eat as part of a seaweed salad.

Sea Lettuce



Pepper Dulse – startling flavour! Mixture of pepper, salt and fishiness. Can use as substitute for black pepper

Peppered Dulse 2


Carrageen – great for chesty coughs


Penny or Naval Wort – lovely and succulent in salads!


Bitter cress – member of the mustard family – very obviously!


Young stickleback – good in herbal remedies for its antiseptic effect


Sorrel – what an amazing flavour – a ‘bitter’ to stimulate appetite


Nettles ! Great to ‘purify the blood’ amongst lots of other benefits



What a day!

Very cold weather but worth it for the delicious picnic


Foraging picnic – deeeelicious ! (followed by seaweed ice-cream, equally good)

Foraging picnic



Recommended reading!

Recommended reading for sew weeds !

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